About Us

Our Approach

We have a vision to see more coffee farmers, currently in South American countries, receive more support and assistance when it comes down to producing high quality coffee beans. This can be achieved by financial support as well as training, so we have made it our goal to put $1 from every kilo of coffee here in Sydney back into funds for the farmers. We see a future where The Locals is not just about the people that are your next door neighbours, but also the producers of the products we consume.

Our Story

We have been roasting coffee for over 10 years but only recently made an effort to get to know and understand coffee farmers. Tom, Collin, Ish and Josh got together earlier this year and came up with The Locals Coffee Roasters as a step in bridging the gap from consumer to producer.

How You Can Help

The best way people can support us in this adventure is to purchase our beans. I know it might sound obvious but one of the best ways we, The Locals, help our famers is by buying there green beans off them. Other ways in which you can support is by letting us come help out or sponsor your event that you are having or letting us feature as your Guest Roaster in your cafe. Send us an email to get the conversation starting.